Monday, March 5, 2018



完成有關亞洲青年心態的問卷 嬴取屬於你的.asia域名!

DotAsia亞洲青年移動力指數(YMI.Asia) 正與香港理工大學進行 一項網上問卷調查,旨在了解亞洲各地區的青年心態。

只要5分鐘填這問卷就可以參加抽獎!!! 得獎者可以費獲得你個人的".asia"域名!

Are you open-minded, self-confident, and curious enough?

Complete this online survey about Youth Mindset in Asia to win your own .asia domain!

DotAsia Youth Mobility Index (YMI.Asia) is partnering with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and launching an online survey to assess the level of open / close mindedness among youth populations in selected Asian localities, particularly youth populations in regions covered by the Youth Mobility Index (YMI.Asia) 2018 Report.

Spend 5 mins to fill this online survey and join our LUCKY DRAW to win your own “.asia” domain for FREE. Don’t miss the assessment result which will be sent separately to your submitted email address!

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