Saturday, February 11, 2017

Does Social Networking Platform Replace the Traditional Media?

There is no doubt that social networking platform (SNP) is one of the major communication and information delivery channels. In Hong Kong, numbers of newspaper organizations, such as Apple Daily, Oriental Daily and South China Morning Post, have already utilized FaceBook or other mainstream SNPs to broadcast and present any sudden incidents to audiences. In fact, the whole industry of journalism is changed dramatically. Using a firebomb incident occurred last night as an instance, tremendous information released on various SNPs to immediately report "What is happening"; "Who is the suspect", "How many people are injured" and "The level of severity of the injuries". The more sudden incident is occurring, the quick information is being released on the networking site. Not exaggeratedly, people have demanded information to be delivered expeditiously and rapidly; therefore, it is necessary to review that the newspaper would become a interim report of the incident to consolidate all the information, evidence, pictures and so forth which were presented yesterday.

Xu, Y. (2017). Modeling the adoption of social media by newspaper organizations: An organizational ecology approach. Telematics and Informatics, 34(1), 151-163.
Photo collected by SCMP:

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