Saturday, January 14, 2017

No Difference of Your Social Work Exam Result Through Traditional or Digital Way

In new century, everyone aims to enrich own knowledge through different courses so as to increase one's capabilities in a competing society. Undoubtedly, many learners in social work program are eager to enhance own knowledge in a variety of subjects, such as social welfare in youth, the elderly, new immigrants and so forth. However, time is limited and some sorts of information becomes restricted due to the physical boundary in which the learners fail to learn as expeditiously and effectively as possible. A research conducted by some scholars indicated that students of social work programs can be taught in either traditional (face-to-face) or web-assisted instruction ways (videotape or online teaching mechanism), but interestingly, the examination result of the students showed similar regardless of the teaching format. Therefore, it is a key argument for education institutions to consider how to increase the possibility of use of new technology in a social work program so as to not only facilitate learning outcomes.

Petracchi, H., Mallinger, G., Engel, R., Rishel, C. W., & Washburn, C. (2005). Evaluating the efficacy of traditional and web-assisted instruction in an undergraduate social work practice class. Journal of technology in Human services, 23(3-4), 299-310.

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