Thursday, November 3, 2016

Insights from New ICTs Trend in the world (3)

There is no doubt that new technologies provide a lot of benefits to our society currently; if we can take advantages to them, it is possible to reduce tons of unnecessary tasks and administrative work. To complete these assignments or tasks, organizations of different fields have to not just provide sufficient manpower to handle but also waste a lot of time on the daily basis. For example, different NGOs, no matter of the scale, have to find out a possible resolution to deal with payment and other related documents, such as receipt or bank-in cash to a required bank account. However, make use of a new technology, mobile wallet, may benefit for NGOs to eliminate mentioned challenges.

(c) Mobile Wallets
Currently, in the digital century, a person wants to use a more accessible, feasible and efficient way to complete his or her payment for particular programs or activities which he or she has enrolled previously. However, there may occur some kinds of situations in the service users. For example, the users, who have a full-time job and require to work on office hours, successfully participate in a program (not commence on the normal service period) organized by your unit but fail to arrive the unit and complete the payment procedure, then he is disqualified; or program staff have to calculate the amount of cash inside the drawer, if reaching a specific amount of cash, to book-in the cash on the organization's account in accordance with Service Quality Standard. The situations may be absurd but occur on the NGOs every day. The organization can develop a ground-breaking policy, such as using the online payment or bank transfer via e-banking service. It is possible to reduce the unnecessary step and focus more on the service quality in the future.

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