Monday, October 3, 2016

The ICTs capability will be different because of living environment

It is necessary to consider whether the difference between users with different genders or them with different living environment when using new technologies or even computer technologies. Some of researchers hypothesized that the more abundant resources of a student have, higher capability of they possess. Therefore, Lee, Kim and Lee (2015) conducted a research at different institutions in Korea which comprised of 1,176 elementary school students to verify the above-mentioned differences. An interesting finding showed that there was no variation between the genders in using ICTs literacy level, whereas there was a significant difference between the students who lived at different regions and environments. Through this research, it is recommended to further pay attention to the situation at Hong Kong which is a region with similar circumstance compared with Korea.

Reference: Lee, S., Kim, J., & Lee, W. (2015). Analysis of elementary students' ICT literacy and their self-evaluation according to their residential environments. Indian Journal of Science and Technology8, 81.

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