Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cyberbullying - A threat for youth development

In recent decade, there is no doubt that utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is able to benefit online audiences to collect and receive information rapidly and instantly without any geographical boundary. In particular, some online networking platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, occurred a lot of fierce discussions in certain disputed topics. Sometimes, the platforms provided a source for teenagers and school-aged students to enter the adult world. It is uncommon to emerge that a typer of cyberbullying negatively influences a range of public health, including psychological wellbeing (Mishna et al, 2016). The article applied a protocol to testify the consequence of cyber-bullying. In fact, it is recommended to take a look the article which provides an insight of curbing the influence of cyber-bullying in current social and virtual contexts.

Reference: Mishna, F., McInroy, L. B., Lacombe-Duncan, A., Bhole, P., Van Wert, M., Schwan, K., ... & Pepler, D. J. (2016). Prevalence, motivations, and social, mental health and health consequences of cyberbullying among school-aged children and youth: protocol of a longitudinal and multi-perspective mixed method study. JMIR research protocols5(2), e83.

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