Saturday, October 1, 2016

ICT is a new pathway to develop individuals' creative problem-solving skills

Traditionally, education institutions utilize a variety of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to foster the progress of pedagogy and facilitate students in contribution to enhancing self-learning capabilities. However, use of ICTs is, not limited to this aspect, of importance to reinforce individuals' creative problem-solving skills. In respect of research designed by Horn and Khalid (2016), it is interesting to reflect that a creative problem solving ability which is a professional identity can be improved significant through the application of ICTs. There is no doubt that ICTs not just provide an extensive and resourceful information to learners but also go beyond the boundary to make learners to interact through various networking sites. Obviously, a more interactive and innovative learning environment the students access to, a more significant and productive outcome they have. Therefore, in response to Education Bureau of Hong Kong, a promotion of using ICTs should focus on the development of students' development instead of merely concentrating on a requested assignment submitted for the result of Public Examination. It is highly recommended to further read the article from the reference list which is able to stimulate the improvement of the system of our pedagogy.

Reference: Horn, L. H., & Khalid, M. S. (2016). Developing Creative Problem Solving and Professional Identity through ICT in Higher Education. In Developing Creative Problem Solving and Professional Identity Through Ict in Higher Education. IGI Global Publishers.

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