Friday, October 7, 2016

ICTs for Elderly Service

Traditionally, Hong Kong provides a variety of social services, such as welfare and immediate care, for the elderly in currently rapid ageing population. Nonetheless, most of social welfare sectors were lack of insight or intention to offer new technologies to the elderly because of individual incapability. However, a research conducted by Baker, Warburton, Hodgkin and Pascal (2016) aimed to teach disadvantaged older people in rural area of Spain to utilize new technologies, such as tablet and smartphone, for eight months; interestingly, the research reflected that some elements, such as self-confidence, independence and social engagement, were improved significantly as a result. Therefore, it is possible to consider how to bring the concept from Spain to Hong Kong which may benefit for older people to change their quality of life.

Reference: Baker, S., Warburton, J., Hodgkin, S., & Pascal, J. (2016). The supportive network: rural disadvantaged older people and ICT. Ageing & Society, 1-19.

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