Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Utilization of ICT for Social Inclusion

Under a modern society, to facilitate the social inclusion, it is expected to consider the application of digital media and new technologies which result in a positive consequence, a Digital Inclusion. In accordance with the research article by Taylor and Packham (2016), governments from different countries which emphasize the concept of social inclusion and social involvement have to pay prodigious attention to the world of Internet because it significantly changes the social interaction between human beings. Unfortunately, it is of importance to raise out a problem that people are lack of sufficient knowledge and skill competencies to use digital applications to develop a barrier. Therefore, to broadly improve the problem and negative consequence caused by digital excluded people, it is highly recommended to help the people hone their skills in contribution to overcoming the barrier and bring them from excluded to included in the coming future.

Taylor, D., & Packham, G. (2016). Social Inclusion through ICT: Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to ICT Use. Strategic Change, 25(1), 45-60.

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