Saturday, September 24, 2016


The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) facilitates both change and revolution of interaction between individuals in modern centuries. A social work practitioner is able to utilize multiple informal new technologies to communicate with their service users because they are more likely to alter a way of communication to others. For example, teenagers would tend to use instant message applications, including Whatsapp or Facebook Instantaneous Message, to engage with their intimate friends on a daily basis. Unfortunately, to some extent, there is a lack of systematic and appropriate understanding and related research articles of using informal ICTs use in social work practice. It is necessary to develop a question of social work profession, "Does a social worker apply some new technologies to effectively maintain professional relationship with their users?" Obviously, we will say "Yes" to this question but we have to consider another question, "How do we do?" It must be a difficult question and require the entire social work field to work together in the foreseeable future.

Reference: Mishna, F., Fantus, S., & McInroy, L. B. (2016). Informal Use of Information and Communication Technology: Adjunct to Traditional Face-to-Face Social Work Practice. Clinical Social Work Journal, 1-7.

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