Thursday, December 22, 2016

Misinformation and Fact-checking (二)



Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler 就指出,如果要將資訊廣傳,其實有以下9個方法可以減少誤讀機會:

1.Get the story right the first time. (從起初就了解故事本質)
2.Early corrections are better. (及早校正)
3.Beware making the problem worse. (不要再問題變得更壞)
4.Avoid negations. (不要否定一切)
5. Minimize repetition of false claims. (盡量減少錯誤的宣稱)
6. Reduce partisan and ideological cues. (減少受意識形態因素影響的資訊)
7. Use credible sources; don’t give credence to the fringe. (使用可靠的來源)
8. Use graphics where appropriate. (在適當的地方使用CAP圖)
9. Beware selective exposure. (小心選擇性接受資訊)


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