Monday, October 24, 2016

Using Facebook for Public Health Promotion

Hong Kong, undoubtedly, is one of the cities with high internet penetration, including using different online platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Weibo). However, the city does not fully utilize these platforms to promote or propagate on public health. In fact, Kite, a systematic research conducted by Foley, Grunseit & Freeman focused on the application of Facebook for health promotion in Australia. The result conveyed that different "Facebook" video posts effectively and efficiently enhanced the information delivery; and more significantly, these posts attracted the user engagement on the daily basis. It is apparent to indicate that making use of the online platform (Facebook) to deliver health message not merely engaged with numbers of audiences, but also the cost of the promotion campaign is comparatively lower than traditional methods. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the government of HKSAR should consider how to expand its service by using online media to reach more audiences in the future.

Reference: Kite, J., Foley, B. C., Grunseit, A. C., & Freeman, B. (2016). Please Like Me: Facebook and Public Health Communication. PloS one11(9), e0162765.

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