Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Global Trend - Use of Online Therapy for People with Social Vulnerability

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a set of new tool and facility in applying to those vulnerable population, such as children who separated with their family members due to war. It is possible to consider whether a face-to-face psychological intervention is applicable to this population with extreme social vulnerability. A research conducted by Pesántez-Avilés, Wong, Robles-Bykbaev, Pacurucu-Pacurucu, Tapia-Jaya, San Andrés-Becerra, and Ingavélez-Guerra (2016) indicated that utilization of new intelligent ICT was able to provide online psychological intervention by a number of counselors, clinical psychologists and related expertise. It is of importance to delineate that the more utilization of online therapies we deliver, the greater impact of ICT makes for the world. Therefore, the research showed a blueprint for us to step forward through using ICT.

Reference: Pesántez-Avilés, F., Wong, V. C. L., Robles-Bykbaev, V., Pacurucu-Pacurucu, A., Tapia-Jaya, C., San Andrés-Becerra, I., ... & Ingavélez-Guerra, P. (2016). Intelligent Nano-Worlds: A New ICT Based Tool for Mental Health Care of Children Living Under Social Vulnerability. In Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare (pp. 403-412). Springer International Publishing.

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