Saturday, December 17, 2016

Polarization of Individual Attitude via Online Platform

As mentioned previously, online networks will be an important source to reinforce our beliefs, values and orientation with other like-minded individuals on the internet. Empirically evidence supports that people tended to ignore or avoid information which was inconsistent with or contradicted to their core beliefs and thoughts (Koriat, Lichtenstein, & Fischhoff, 1980). In current years, a vast of majority started to utilize the social networking site to seek sufficient information or even advice in order to tackle daily problems, such as Wikipedia. A research conducted by Wagner and Zhang (2016) studied the significance of advice between the friend and authoritative online site (Wikipedia), which was one of the hypotheses, showed that the online site has significant change for individuals' belief but depends on the trustworthiness of the online advisor. It is interesting point to explore that if an authoritative individual with hight trustful level, it is more likely to reinforce people's belief in particular areas or political sense.


Wagner, C., & Zhang, J. (2016). Social Media Advice and Its Impact on Belief Revision. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research11(8), 5455-5460.

Koriat, A., Lichtenstein, S., & Fischhoff, B. (1980). Reasons for confidence.Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human learning and memory6(2), 107.

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