Monday, October 31, 2016

Insights from New ICTs Trend in the world (1)

Undoubtedly, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) will consistently push and change, possibly on the positive side, the quality of life of each human being throughout the world. There are several core new technologies illustrated as following content which constructively change our habits from time to time. To narrow the focus, I will mention those technologies briefly on each post and how to make use of them to facilitate the performance of daily operation on the field of social welfare.

(a) Cloud Computer - many organizations have embarked to use the IT functions developed and provided by some prestigious firms, such as Google, Microsoft, Dell and etc., in order to help the employees to access, synchronize, input and modify the documents by an individual or a team of members simultaneously which accelerate the progress. For example, staff members of a NGO can utilize the Google Form as an evaluation form to receive feedback from different target audiences, including service users, their caregivers, residents of a targeted community and other professionals. The more likely the colleagues of the NGO utilize the Google Form, the higher possibility the NGO is able to receive sufficiently constructive feedback and ideas from the external parties and their audiences, whereas the colleagues can use Google Doc or Google Slides, which provide a more flexible way, to complete their office work inside or outside the work environment. But more significantly, the security and the skill competency of using these applications will be the new challenge toward all NGOs in Hong Kong and it should be taken into account for the field of social welfare in the coming future.

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